Ronrico Añejo Oro


Founded in Puerto Rico in 1860, is one of the most antique representative of the caribbean rum tradition.

It is a rum aged in American oak barrels with an intense amber color, sweet flavor with slight notes of figs and plums.

The versatility of RONRICO is shown in the way it mixes easily in all classic rum drinks, while retaining its delicious taste, perfect for mixing with soda and fruit juices.

It has won the recognition of rum drinkers, mixologists and bartenders, because of its superior quality as one of the most important brands in Costa Rica since the 70’s.

Product of Costa Rica.

Raw material sugar cane.

Alcohol: 35% Alc / Vol.

Type of elaboration: artisanal aging in American oak barrels.

Color: Intense amber.

Smell: notes of figs and plums.

Flavor: Sweet, American oak wood.

Available presentations: 200ml, 375ml, 750ml.

Gluten Free Rum.


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