Ron Centenario 7 years Añejo Especial

Ron Centenario 7 Años Añejo Especial is the special mixture of aged rums, created under a method of craftsmanship in white oak barrels that give him nobility, great body, texture and flavor to honey and oak. This makes it the ideal companion to celebrate at all times.

It can be taken neat or mixed with natural juices to enhance its special flavor.


  • Ron Centenario 7 years Añejo Especial.
  • Product of Costa Rica.
  • Raw material: sugar cane.
  • Alcohol content: 35% vol., Costa Rica. 40% vol., International.
  • Type of elaboration: artisan aging in barrels of American white oak.
  • Color: medium brown.
  • Smell: pleasant smell of honey and red apple and perception of wood.
  • Flavor: slightly sweet, soft, highlighting a pleasant flavor of smoked wood.
  • Presentations available: 50ml / 5cl, 200ml / 20cl, 375ml / 37.5cl, 700ml / 70cl, 750ml / 75cl, 1000ml / 100cl, 1750ml / 175cl.
  • Ron gluten free.


Premios Recientes

  • 2014 España. International Rum Conference, Silver.
  • 2012 España. International Rum Conference, Silver.

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