Ron Centenario Blanco 4 years

Ron Centenario Blanco is the mix of the best Premium rums of tropical Costa Rica. Light in body and unique taste, it is a young, challenging and daring experience until the last sip.

Ron Centenario Blanco is a genuine rum aged in small white oak barrels, subjected to a treatment of discoloration with perfectly selected coals, so it doesn´t lose the flavor and aroma provided by the barrel and maintains the essence of the rum in each drop.

Filtered three times to ensure its purity, sharpness and flavor to wood and fruits. It will bring you a delicious bouquet at the best time.

Excellent to be mixed with juice and ideal for cocktails.

  • Ron Centenario Blanco 4 years.
  • Product of Costa Rica.
  • Alcoholic content: 35%
  • Raw material: sugar cane.
  • Type of elaboration: artisan aging in barrels of American white oak.
  • Available in: 750ml / 75cl.


Premios Recientes

Nuestra Marca Ron Centenario, participa en el reconocido mundialmente certamen de rones efectuado en España, CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DEL RON – MADRID 2016, ganando los siguientes premios:

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