Ron Centenario gives world-wide prestige to Costa Rica

Costa Rican brand shines by winning five awards in the International Congress of Rum, held in Madrid.

To stand out within the great rums in the world is not an easy task, but doing it five times is a celebration reason.


Centenario manages to distinguish within the international Premium rums market in the main liqueurs competitions in the United States and specially in Europe. “The prestige of the brand, now more than ever, it has become its main asset. Also, the producer accomplishes a fundamental background of the quality of their products to present to the consumers” declares Eduardo Solano, general manager of Centenario.


Last May, the International Congress of Rum held in Madrid, Centenario obtained the following awards: Best Rum of the Year and Double Gold for Ron Centenario 30 años; Golden Medal for Ron Centenario 25 años and Ron Centenario 20 años, as well as Silver Medal for Ron Centenario 9 años.

This competition, just as the main ones around the world, are carried out by panels of experts in the field, by means of blind tastings in which they evaluate the taste, the color and the smell, among many other characteristics of this drink.

“With these five awards, we reach 36 acknowledgments to the quality of this Costa Rican brand, lifting the image of Ron Centenario and Costa Rica as well”, points out Juan Jose Valdes, Brand Manager.

Currently, Centenario is exported to over 20 countries and has plans to reach higher, attaining new international markets and winning recognition of the experts lift Costa Rica´s name as high as possible.