Vision Wine and Spirits confirms distribution of RON CENTENARIO

i1075^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrCentenario Internacional S.A. from Costa Rica and Vision Wines & Spirits based in Massachusetts are proud to announce that both companies have reached an agreement.

i1076^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAccording to this agreement, Vision Wines & Spirits becomes the new official importer and distributor of all Centenario rums into the United States, starting to import and distribute Centenario in all the states except Florida the first week of August, and into Florida in February 2018.

The selection of Vision Wines & Spirits was key in this venture. Vision Wines & Spirits is part of Martignettis Group, one of the most relevant players in this industry in the US. Centenario Internacional S.A. has complete trust that with their market experience, the resources and the people of Vision Wines and Spirits, the brand Centenario will burst into the North American market.

In addition, with this new alliance the presence of Centenario Rums is going to be reinforced and the target of the brand is to reach an effective coverage across all the 52 states of the country.

Centenario rums have been present in the United States for more than 10 years. During this time, they have earned the preference of many rum consumers, offering a wide range of premium options with their different rum lines such as standard (7, 9 year-old) and premium plus (12, 20, 25 and 30 year-old).

The high quality of Centenario rums, in terms of the liquids, have been recognized internationally in many different scenarios such as the German Rum Fest, the International Rum Conference of Madrid, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Internationaler Spirituos Wettbewerb Germany and recently the Wholesalers of America 74th, Miami Rum Renaissance and Fifty Best New York.

Perfect months for Centenario in the US: The Wholesalers of America 74th edition took place last April. Among all the rums that participated in this show, Centenario 20 year-old was awarded with the Best of the Show medal, which is the highest recognition for rum in this competition. Also, Centenario 7, 25 and 30 year-old received Double Gold medals. Miami Rum Renaissance and Fifty Best New York took place in the same month, and Centenario 20 and 25 received Double Gold medals in each of these shows.

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Hand in hand with the selection of this new distributor, the brand is planning to leverage this new partnership with the introduction of its new product presentations. These new designs describe the brand’s heritage and help bring it to life for the consumer, giving the products a distinctive point of interest.

There has been an upgrade in the quality and design of the labels and gift boxes of the premium presentations of Centenario 20 year-old and Centenario 25 year-old. Both of these products will have custom-made canisters to highlight the new design and the Premium quality of the rum.

In the classic line covering from Centenario 7 year-old up to Centenario 12 year-old, there is a new personalized bottle, as well as higher quality labeling and caps, with a much more modern look.

These internationally awarded rums and their reinforcement with these modern and premium presentations, will be key to achieving much more success in the American market, which is the biggest rum market in the world.

Centenario is proud to share these new changes with all of our loyal consumers and very proud of having selected Vision Wine & Spirits to make this possible.

This partnership is a perfect blend, Centenario brings an exceptional quality of the best-aged rums in the world, and Vision Wines & Spirits brings high-level professional support of a premium distribution network.